The Club

If you’re into XC and hard training runs then Tuesday nights are for you.
Are you a beginner, or like a blast along singletrack trails with regular stops for a chat, then come along on a Thursday (where the pace is dictated by the slowest rider – and if we are going to fast then shout for us to slow down)
Do you like DH/Freeride/Jumping – then login to our forum and find out who the hardcore lot are and where/when they are going next.
Most of the Club are just trailriders riding many different types of trails in and around Oxfordshire (both natural and man made trails) and also further afield, Aviemore, the Cairngorms, Laggan, Fort William, Golspie, Learnie to name but a few. For a relaxed intro to the club Thursday nights are the best, but try and check the forum out before you come along as something outside the normal run may have been organised.

Stated objectives of the club:

Club Benefits

Club membership entitle our members to discounts at specific local bike shops: Stuarts Cycles (in Forres) and Bothy Bikes (just outside Aviemore).

Stuarts Cycles, Bothy Bikes


IMBA (UK), Scottish Cycling[, British Cycling], NoSCA,

Committee, Constitution

Scottish Cycling[, British Cycling], IMBA (UK)

contact Oxfordshire Mountain Bike Club

Email is the best form of contact with the club – Contact us

Club office-bearers and committee members

We have four primary office bearer posts (preseident, vice-president, secretary and treasurer) as well as a couple of ancilliary committee posts (downhill, junior, welfare and cross-country)